From a single store to a chain store company – a lean organisation to win

An efficient trade organisation is formed by a variety of factors. Whether a single retail store or a global acting retail company –it is always important to develop customised solutions for optimal coordinated processes. Just like in real life: The slimmer the smarter and successful.

In local and global acting companies benefit from my comprehensive expertise in retail business management can be used for bundling and to focus on projects restructuring commercial companies. All organisational processes in all areas of the company are in perfect harmony, where every detail is taken into account: whether at the point of sale of each brand, in logistics or operational management. Flow of goods are analysed and optimised, needed staff assignement coordinated and thus costs are cut and/or customer service strengthened.

Thereby a significantly increasing efficiency will be reached within the processes and structures through a consequent and rapid implementation of the need and agreed changes. Financial goals can be realised more quickly and be sustained. With modern streamlined and lean organisational structure, the company launches a successful future.


You will find below an overview of the key points raised. Of Course, every design is individually tailored to customer needs.

  • Comprehensive inventory of the as-is situation Structured interviews and number analysis
    • Identification of optimisation potential by store-check/ description of prosesses
    • Identification of potential cost savings/ customer service improvement
  • Development of KPI´s and targets
  • Conceptual development of new structures by staff- and salary matrix
  • Effective workforce planning
  • Development productivity adjustment to financial information
  • Operational implementation of the measures agreed to adopt

I am happy to provide you with reference contacts to already finalised and implemented projects.

Rudolf Bartels

Don't only manage - move

30 good years in retail management have shaped me to this day. The diverse experience and deep knowledge of this period will help you to strengthen your business economically.

Always in mind is the highest aim of every businessman: sustainable economic success combined with pleasure at an ongoing development of the company.

My strengths lie in the structuring and restructuring of retail processes, as well as in corporate development in the true sense of the word.

The in-depth analysis of business processes forms the basis for all subsequent decisions derived from it – whether of operative or strategic nature.

Particular attention should be paid to produce the greatest possible transparency in processes. This applies to the flow of goods as well as for the workforce involved which – from the senior staff in the back office to the employees at his workplace on the sales floor – should be able to identify with their roles and the corporate goals to strengthen the company.

It is not about managing the as-is-situation, but to create new efficiencies, which provide a new shared enjoyment in the company’s success.

Proactive instead of reactive. Don’t only manage – move.

RBC Retail Business Consultancy

Rudolf Bartels
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